Clean Technology 2009

Bringing Carbon Issues to the Board Room

M. Meehan
Carbonetworks, CA

Keywords: carbon, tracking, emissions, strategy


State/regional legislation in the U.S. has already created the groundwork for a carbon market, and federal regulation will be here by 2009. Still, many U.S. companies are clueless about how to gain visibility into their carbon emissions and how to create a strategy to tie carbon to the corporate bottom line. Michael Meehan, CEO and co-founder of Carbonetworks, a software and services company with enterprise solutions that allow companies to create effective greenhouse gas emissions strategies can outline: • the potential changes in U.S. carbon market regulations that will affect enterprises • how companies can get emissions strategies inline ahead of a possible set carbon market • offset options available to the enterprise • the Carbon Offset Marketplace, which puts companies in touch with other organizations who have either a carbon credit or deficit, where they can sell or buy carbon credits to perfectly maintain their Carbon Balance Sheet • Carbonetworks five step process to develop effective emissions strategies More than 3,000 companies have joined the Carbonetworks platform. More on Carbonetworks can be found here:
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