Clean Technology 2009

A New Era of Renewable Power – Small Scale Biomass Electricity through Gasifier to Internal Combustion Engine

C. Mui
Nexterra Energy Corp, CA

Keywords: biomass, gasification, distributed generation


Rising energy costs and public demands for dispatchable, renewable power have increased interest in generating electricity using biomass. However, using the conventional method of generating biomass electricity using a steam turbine is economically feasible only at a large scale (>20 MWe). Large scale power generation using biomass is becoming more challenging due to long system lead times and expanding biomass catchment areas. Nexterra Energy has developed an application that combines its patented biomass gasification technology with an internal combustion engine to produce high efficiency, biomass electricity for small scale, community-based electricity generation. Nexterra Energy has developed a simple, clean, and low cost gasification system that converts waste wood and other local biomass feedstocks into a renewable syngas for thermal heat and power applications. The next advancement in Nexterra’s gasification technology allows conditioned syngas to be fired into an internal combustion engine for dramatically increased efficiency. Nexterra is working with a major engine manufacturer to demonstrate this application. Trials are underway at Nexterra’s Product Development Centre in British Columbia to validate this application. The presentation will provide an overview of Nexterra’s Biomass Gasification Technology and the advantages of generating small scale electricity with a high-efficiency internal combustion engine.
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