Clean Technology 2009

Introduction to Ultra High Performance HVAC Software

B. Erpelding
Optimum Energy, US

Keywords: HVAC, energy efficiency


Introduction to Ultra High Performance HVAC Software Audience: General Objective: General Abstract: This presentation will discuss the paradigm shift that is occurring within the HVAC industry and especially with the various controls application software products. This shift has seen the creation of a new category, that being Ultra High Performance HVAC. The presentation will go into details on the similarities and differences between existing OEM software and that being offered within this new category. Additional time will be spent evaluating Optimum Energy’s OptimumHVAC optimization software and the intricate algorithms that differ compared to those of existing HVAC OEM software packages. Actual case studies from central plants and variable air volume systems will be included using measurement and verification data gathered over the last few years. This presentation will also discuss how the measurement and verification was performed and how the corresponding energy savings are sustained over time. Discussion will also highlight how achieving 0.5 kW/ton of total plant performance is possible.
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