Clean Technology 2009

Promoting Sustainable Environmental Stewardship in the Federal Government

J. Lopez
Office of the Federal Environmental Executive, US

Keywords: sustainabilty, environmental stewarship, federal government


Americans look to the Federal community to lead by example towards fulfilling our national goals of supporting a strong economy, ensuring energy security, protecting our environment and natural resources, and promoting technology transfer. This presentation highlights the most recent federal accomplishments in the areas of energy efficiency, renewable energy, waste reduction and recycling, high performance buildings, environmentally smart procurement, electronics stewardship, and fleet management. This presentation also highlights advancement in the area of environmental management system implementation, and how that framework is being used to maximize efforts in the above areas. This presentation will discuss the very successful efforts of the Federal community in promoting sustainable environmental stewardship. Examples of waste reduction, energy efficiency, and affirmative procurement across the entire landscape of Federal operations will be presented and discussed. More importantly, the presentation will discuss the Federal sector efforts to develop a strategic, holistic approach to environmental and energy management, where more integrated practices are replacing the outdated, isolated efforts approach. In addition, growth in the new areas of cooperative conservation and environmental management systems, representing management philosophies and frameworks within which the Federal government performs the sustainable practices will be discussed in this presentation.
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