Clean Technology 2008
Wind & Non-Solar Renewable Energy

Wind & Non-Solar Renewable Energy

Symposium Chair

Daniel Laird Daniel L. Laird
Staff Researcher
Sandia National Laboratories

Symposium Sessions


Monday June 2

8:30 Keynotes: Nanotech & Cleantech
10:30 Energy - Water Nexus
1:00 BP Alternative Energy
4:00 Renewables: Wind & Geothermal

Tuesday June 3

8:30 Keynotes: Clean Technology
1:30 Photovoltaics: Technology & Applications
3:30 Photovoltaics: New Materials: Clean: Nano

Wednesday June 4

8:30 Keynotes: Clean Technology
3:00 Solar: Clean Business and Investment
4:30 Photovoltaics: Processing Technologies

Thursday June 5


Symposium Program


Monday June 2

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8:30 Keynotes: Nanotech & CleantechExhibit Hall D
8:30 Welcome
P. Glaza, Clean Technology and Sustainable Industries Organization, US
8:40 TBA
J. Inslee, U.S. Congress, 1st Congressional District Washington, US
9:20 It’s a Nano World
R.O. Johnson - CTO, Lockheed Martin Corporation, US
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10:30 Energy - Water NexusRoom 309
 Session chair: Joshua Dickinson WateReuse Foundation
10:30 Climate Change and Water Resources
R.C. Renner, Awwa Research Foundation, US
10:50 Planning for Carbon-neutral Seawater Desalination in Carlsbad, California
N. Voutchkov, Poseidon Resources, US
11:10 Renewable Energy Matched for Water Treatment
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1:00 BP Alternative EnergyRoom 312
 Session chair: Daniel Laird, Sandia National Lab, US
1:00 Venturing in Alternative Energy at BP
I. Dairanieh, Beyond Petroleum, US
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4:00 Renewables: Wind & GeothermalRoom 305
 Session chair: Daniel Laird, Sandia National Lab, US
4:00 Sustainable Energy Opportunities with the Geothermal Continuum
H. Thorsteinsson, C. Augustine, B.J. Anderson, M.C. Moore, P.R. von Rohr, J.W. Tester, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, US
4:20 Advanced Low-Temperature Geothermal Technology
D. Thomas, Trimodal Group, US
4:40 Expanding the Wind Power Market by Making Wind Dispatchable
D. Marcus, General Compression, US
5:00 Large Scale Integration of Wind Power Generation
P.S. Moura, A.T. Almeida, University of Coimbra, PT
5:20 A New Computational Model for Fluid-Structure Interaction Phenomena in Wind-Turbine Blades
F.L. Ponta, A.D. Otero, L.I. Lago, Michigan Technological University, US
5:40 Architectural/small Wind for the Commercial Markets
J. Guerster, Groom Energy Solutions, US

Tuesday June 3

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8:30 Keynotes: Clean TechnologyRoom 304
 Session chair: Patti Glaza, CTSI
8:30 Cleantech - Welcome to Massachusetts
I. Bowles, Secretary of Energy & Environmental Affairs, Massachusetts, US
8:40 Future Mobility and Hydrogen
D. Macleod, Shell Hydrogen, US
9:10 Smarter Solutions for Greener Planet
S. Nunes, IBM Big Green Innovations, US
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1:30 Photovoltaics: Technology & ApplicationsRoom 308
 Session chair: Monika Willert-Porada, Universität Bayreuth
1:30 Internet Based Inverter-Integrated Solar Power Meter System
R. Hicks, PV Powered Inc., US
1:50 The Influence of Rebates and Incentives on the Solar Industry; What Obstacles Remain for US National Adoption of Solar PV?
B. Neagle, Borrego Solar Systems, US
2:10 The Competitive Cost Position of Novel Thin Film Photovoltaic Module Technologies in High Temperature and Low Light Conditions
A. Goodrich, T. Hannibal, J. Grimes, R. Wendt, IBIS Associates, Inc., US
2:30 Raytheon Solar PV Installation
D.R. Chamberlain, Raytheon Company, US
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3:30 Photovoltaics: New Materials: Clean: NanoRoom 309
 Session chair: Monika Willert-Porada, Universität Bayreuth, DE
3:30 Electrospun TiO2 Fibers as a Material for Dye Sensitizied Solar Cells
J. Duchoslav, L. Rubáek, L. Kavan, M. Zukalová, J. Procházka, Elmarco Ltd., CZ
3:50 Use of Multiphysics modeling to improve solar thin film performance and manufacture
A. Jain, J. Sanyal, V. Ivanov, E. Grald, A. Mukhopadhyay, ANSYS Inc., US
4:10 Thin nanostructured solar cells on metal sheets
M. Toivola, K. Miettunen, J. Halme, P. Lund, Helsinki University of Technology, FI

Wednesday June 4

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8:30 Keynotes: Clean TechnologyRoom 304
 Session chair: Patti Glaza, CTSI
8:30 Cleantechnology at the DOE
P. Dickerson - COO, DOE Office of Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy, US
9:00 Investment trends in Cleantech
W. James, Rockport Capital Partners, US
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3:00 Solar: Clean Business and InvestmentRoom 310
 Session chair: Wasiq Bokhari, Cleantech Circle, US
- A.C. Smith, Lehman Brothers, US
- J. Grossman, Soltage, US
- T. Bailey, Evergreen Solar, US
- M. Bruce, US DOE - Energy Efficiency & Renewable Energy, US
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4:30 Photovoltaics: Processing TechnologiesRoom 311
 Session chair: Monika Willert-Porada, Universität Bayreuth, DE
4:00 Design of a Tandem Conjugated Polymer Bulk Heterostructure Solar Cell
J. Valenzuela, S. Mil’shtein, UMass Lowell, US
4:20 Solar Nanoantenna Energy Collectors
S. Novack, D. Kotter, P. Pinhero, D. Slafer, Idaho National Laboratory, US
4:40 Enhanced Photocurrent in Transparent Lead Zirconate-Titanate Thin Film Capacitors Under Sun Light Illumination
L.E. Ocola, H. Li, O. Auciello, Argonne National Laboratory, US
5:00 Nanoplates and their suitability for use as solar cells
M. Aagesen, C.B. Sørensen, SunFlake A/S, DK
5:20 Synthesis of Copper (I) Sulfide Nanocrystals for Photovoltaic Application
C. Wadia, Y. Wu, W. Ma, B. Sadtler, A. Paul Alivisatos, U.C. Berkeley, US
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PhotovoltaicsRoom 302
- Mesoporous TiO2 thin-film for Dye-Sensitized Solar Cell (DSSC) Applicationv
A. Vats, R. Shende, J. Swiatkiewicz, J. Puszynski, South Dakota School of Mines & Technology, US
- Synthesis of Copper (I) Sulfide Nanocrystals for Photovoltaic Application
C. Wadia, Y. Wu, W. Ma, B. Sadtler, A. Paul Alivisatos, U.C. Berkeley, US
- Postproduction Annealing Effect on Solar Cells Based on Polymer and Zinc Oxide Nanorod Composites
C-Y. Chou, J-S. Huang, C-F. Lin, National Taiwan University, TW
- Economic viability in the use of solar collector in productive agricultural chains
J. Bione, P.B. Carvalho, R.B. Fellows, Companhia Hidroelétrica do São Francisco - CHESF, BR
- Optimal Design and Use of PV Water Pumping Systems in Armenia
G. Ayvazyan, V. Buniatyan, A. Vardanyan, State Engineering University of Armenia, AM
- Solar-Electric Commuting Trike with Manual Pedaling
S. Mil’shtein, B. Srinivasan, UMass Lowell, US
- Post-annealing effect of copper phthalocyanine on enhancing the performance of green organic light-emitting diode
S.Z. Chen, J.H. Jou, F.S. Tang, P.H. Chiang, C.Y. Chang, National Tsing Hua University, TW
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RenewablesRoom 302
- The Role of VAWT's in Expanding Wind Markets
M. Hess, Mariah Power, US
- The case for Vertical Axis wind turbines
T.C. Sankar, Robert Morris University, US
- Hydraulic System for Control of Power Windmills
A. Sanderson, Sanderson Engine Development Company, US
- Exergy Analysis Of Double Flash Geothermal Power Plant, SABALAN, IRAN
S.J. Nasrabady, University of Iceland, IS
- An “Atmospherically Healthy” Recipe for Carbon-Neutral Fuels: A synthetic fuel made from sunlight, CO2, and water
K. Littau, Palo Alto Research Center (Parc), US
- Ultra Low NOx Biogas-to-Power Conversion Technology
B. Wilson, C. Smutzer, L. Waterland, S. Lasher, TIAX LLC, US
- The Contribution of Small Hydro Power Plants to Sustainable Development in Uganda
O. Mpuro, Save Our Planet Earth (SOPE)- Uganda, UG


From large scale wind farms to small off-grid rural applications, existing and emerging renewable technologies are changing the face of power generation. This symposium focuses on the state-of-the-art in renewable technology development and deployment, emphasizing the need of consistent R&D funding & incentives to help in the delivery of new renewable technologies into individuals, society and energy industry at large. Below is a list of non-exclusive topics for consideration, please submit your abstract today and we look forward to your participation.

Topics & Application Areas

  • Wind Energy
  • Hydro
  • Geothermal
  • Wave & Tide
  • Municipal Solid Waste
  • Other