Steve Schuster
Clean Technology 2008
Steve Schuster

Steve Schuster

Chairman and Founder
Rainier Corporation

Steve Schuster is chairman and founder of Rainier Corporation, a leading technology-marketing agency. He has more than two decades of industry experience marketing and designing high-technology products, and while at Rainier has been the creative force behind dozens of PR and advertising campaigns for a wide variety of complex innovations.

Mr. Schuster began his career designing speech recognition systems for renowned futurist Ray Kurzweil, and professional audio processing equipment for Lexicon. His first marketing role as a product manager for real-time data acquisition and signal processing products at Concurrent expanded into industry marketing for measurement, control, vibration, and signal intelligence markets. Following various technology marketing management and director-level roles he served as general manager of Data Translation's digital signal processing division.

Existing PR and ad agencies, he discovered as an executive, were simply not capable of digesting and intelligently communicating technologies to technical audiences. In response, Mr. Schuster launched Rainier in early 1993 with a vision credibly providing technology companies with a professional resource for bringing “complex” technologies to market.

Mr. Schuster received a BS in Electrical Engineering and an MBA, both from Northeastern University in Boston, MA.

Teaching the course on Marketing Complex Innovation in the Clean Technology Industrial Impact Workshop.