Duncan Macleod
Clean Technology 2008
Duncan Macleod

Duncan Macleod

Vice President
Shell Hydrogen

In January 2006 Duncan Macleod became Vice President in charge of Shell Hydrogen, a Shell business created in 1999 to develop hydrogen as a future fuel for mobility and power. Duncan has a Shell career spanning three decades working in Venezuela, the Caribbean, Nigeria, Japan and the Netherlands and has held key positions in supply/trading, M&A, Upstream, Strategy, Government Relations. Duncan was also instrumental in setting-up Shell’s biofuels technology ventures with Iogen in Canada and Choren in Germany.

Duncan is also a member of the Advisory Council for the EU Hydrogen & Fuel Cell Technology Platform, the California Hydrogen Highway Network Advisory Panel and The California Fuel Cell Partnership Steering Team. His personal vision is that for Shell to be successful for another 100 years, substantial new energy businesses such as hydrogen must be developed now, steadily building on Shell’s many capabilities while collaborating with Governments, industry partners and customers.

Duncan is Scottish-born, studied Economics & Geography at Birmingham University, is married with three daughters and has interests including photography, art, music and diving.

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