Naoki Chiba
Clean Technology 2008
Naoki Chiba

Naoki Chiba

General Manager
SANYO Technology Center USA
SANYO North America Corporation

Dr. Naoki Chiba is leading SANYO Technology Center (STEC), SANYO North America, San Jose California. The STEC‘s mission is to enable technology transfer from cutting-edge companies or university laboratories to all of the divisions in SANYO group.

His role includes identifying strategic partners in cutting-edge technologies for business opportunities, research and development activities. He covers various technical areas from digital systems such as imaging, display, wireless, electronic components to materiel science for semiconductors and batteries.

He received his PhD degree in computer science from Kyoto University and his MBA degree from Boston University. After he received his B.S. in mechanical engineering from Kobe University, he joined the research and development headquarters at SANYO Electric Co., Ltd., Japan in 1988. He was a visiting scientist in the Robotics Institute at Carnegie Mellon University, Pittsburgh Pennsylvania. He has been working on computer vision, image processing, and computer graphics.

Speaking in the 2008 TechConnect Summit.