Yaron Jacobs
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Yaron Jacobs

Yaron Jacobs

Chief Executive Officer
CQM Ltd.

Mr. Jacobs is the CEO of CQM Ltd. contributing over 20 years of senior management experience.

Before joining CQM, Mr. Jacobs acted as a consultant providing executive leadership as well as financial and legal advice to Israeli companies, in the areas of transportation, infrastructure, biotechnology and, in particular, energy efficiency.

Previously, he headed a firm which specialized in turnaround programs for at-risk companies in the telecommunications, biotechnology, defense and high-tech sectors.

Mr. Jacobs is the former Director General of Israel's Government Companies Authority. His key role in directing national privatization policy during his particularly active tenure, resulted in the sale of a record number of government companies and unprecedented progress in the privatization process. Additionally, he was responsible for the ongoing operations of over 100 companies, including the country's largest utilities and other major corporate entities in the areas of electricity, refineries, water supply, aviation, shipping and communications.

Mr. Jacobs served as the policy advisor to then Foreign Minister Mr. Ehud Barak, where he successfully opened economic dialogues to reinforce new and, often, fragile political relationships.

Prior to this, he served as a senior advisor to the Minister of the Interior where he focused on balancing the budgets of over 250 municipalities and assisting struggling mayors with achieving this goal.

Mr. Jacob's extensive executive and operational experience provides him with a profound understanding of the full spectrum of managerial responsibilities, including financial, marketing, legal, human resources, and development strategy. He's been able to apply his unique managerial skills to a broad variety of companies, from low tech to high tech industry.

Mr. Jacobs has served on the board of directors of some of Israel's leading corporations, such as: Israel Electric Corporation, Israel Refineries, Bezeq Telecom, Israel Aircraft Industries and El-Al, the Israeli national airline.

Mr. Jacobs holds a BA in Political Science and MA in International Relations and an LLB, all from Bar-Ilan University, Israel.

Speaking in the Late-stage/Small Cap Investment Forum.