Ezra J. Green
Clean Technology 2008
Ezra J. Green

Ezra J. Green

Chairman and CEO
Clear Skies Group

How does one go from building real estate to building renewable energy? For Ezra Green, Chairman and CEO of Clear Skies Group, a forward-thinking solar energy installation company, the transition was as natural as the sun that now powers his projects.

Prior to founding Clear Skies Group, Green served for 25 years as the president of a general contracting firm he founded that focused on high-end residential construction in New York City. In this leadership role, Green was far more than a paper-pushing executive manager, as he spent large portions of his days on the company’s jobsites. This proactive approach to management allowed him, over the years, to develop an intimate understanding of the ins and outs of the construction industry.

Possessing a naturally analytical mind, as evidenced by his earlier career positions as a software programmer, Green always had an interest in the science and technology behind his construction. It came as no surprise, then, that when he was introduced to a solar energy company in 1998, which he later had the opportunity to collaborate with on a renewable energy building project, he immediately saw the natural relationship between the two industries.

After all, solar energy is not just a technical business, but it is also a construction business. The only difference is the product being built.

With an understanding of the long-term environmental and fiscal benefits to consumers transitioning from traditional to renewable energy sources, an eye towards emerging trends in solar energy usage, decades of experience in construction, and several years of involvement with renewable energy companies, Green launched Clear Skies Group in 2003. Now, he uses his industry expertise to provide solar energy solutions to municipalities, commercial real estate owners, residential developers, and more.

In a market characterized by rapidly increasing demand for renewable sources of energy, Green’s extensive construction background, melded with his renewable energy industry expertise, enable him to design and install aesthetic and viable solar energy systems that meet the unique needs of diverse customers across the United States.

As the call for renewable energy use continues to amplify, Green is distinctly qualified to lead Clear Skies Group in setting the standard for installation of high-quality solar energy systems.

Speaking in the Late-stage/Small Cap Investment Forum.