David Douglas
Clean Technology 2008
David Douglas

David Douglas

Vice President, Eco Responsibility
Sun Microsystems Inc.

As Vice President of Eco Responsibility at Sun Microsystems,Inc., David Douglas is responsible for the strategy and execution ofenvironmental initiatives across the company, including enhancements toSun's products in the areas of energy efficiency, cooling technologies,product recycling and clean manufacturing; continued improvements inSun's day-to-day operations; and management of Sun's asset sharingthrough programs, donations and access to Sun Grid resources. Douglasbrings more than a decade of experience leading organizations to buildmore innovative, efficient, and eco responsible products and has along-standing passion about environmental issues.

Douglas has a wide breadth of experience in a variety ofsenior engineering and technology management positions in both systemsand software. He served as co-founder and senior vice president ofproducts at RFID middleware pioneer ConnecTerra, which was acquired byBEA Systems in October 2005. At BEA, he served as chief architect forWebLogic. Prior to this, he worked at Sun for nearly eight years in anumber of roles including vice president of engineering for the SolarisOperating System, vice president and chief technology officer for theNetwork Service Provider division and director of architecture for theoffice of the CTO.

Douglas holds both B.S. and M.S. degrees in ElectricalEngineering and Computer Science from MIT. He currently lives inConcord, Massachusetts with his family.

Douglas's blog can be found at http://blogs.sun.com/enviro