Novel Lithium Based Reserved Micro Power Cell Based on Micro Fluidic Design
Clean Technology 2008

Novel Lithium Based Reserved Micro Power Cell Based on Micro Fluidic Design

F. Allen, S. Simon, V. Lifton
AlwaysReady, Inc., US

battery, nanobattery, power, cell, energy, lithium, electrolytes, voltage, membrane, hydophobic, AlwaysReady

AlwaysReady, Inc. is a development-stage micro and nanotechnology company focused on advanced power and sensing solutions. The Smart Nanobattery™ offers a revolutionary approach to energy storage and power management. Leveraging strategic alliances with Alcatel-Lucent/Bell Labs and the Rutgers University Energy Storage Research Group, a first generation zinc manganese dioxide prototype has been developed. Current focus is on lithium-based chemistries and organic electrolytes which will provide higher voltages per cell. Smart nanobattery architecture enables long shelf life, remote activation, scalable manufacturing, multiple configurations, and programmable Power On Command™ power management capabilities. Initial applications include emergency and reserve power for military products, with future applications in commercial and consumer arenas. Our strategy is to advance technical development through the lithium-based chemistry proof of concept stage, and to continue development of high energy density batteries, including rechargeable options, using carbon and fluoride nanomaterials. At the appropriate time, we intend to establish strategic partnerships to support further testing and commercialization for a variety of high volume applications. Twelve patents are issued, filed or in process. Our team has strong technical experience in nanoscience and energy storage, as well as a history of success in commercializing products.