Utilization of High Carbon Fly Ash in Concrete
Clean Technology 2008

Utilization of High Carbon Fly Ash in Concrete

C.J. Boxley, V. Siegel
Ceramatec, Inc., US

fly ash, concrete, activated carbon, Hg-control, green building

The most promising mercury control technology for coal-fired power plants employs activated carbon to adsorb the mercury; however, after implementation the high-carbon content of the fly ash makes it unusable for concrete applications. In response to this, we have successfully demonstrated that by chemically treating the contaminated fly ash, it can still be used as a potential cement/binder for concrete applications. This treatement process encapsulates the mercury and activated carbon within the material matrix. Consequently, the treated fly ash does not interfere with the functionality of added air entraining agents in the ocncrete mix. Therefore, our treatment process allows coal-fired power plants to continue to sell their fly ash to ready-mix concrete manufacturers despite the addition of the Hg-control technology.