Signaficantly reducing of the emission by revolutionary shift gearbox technology
Clean Technology 2008

Signaficantly reducing of the emission by revolutionary shift gearbox technology

V. Abramov
TransUNImission, Inc., US

shift gearbox, emission,vehicle, heavy-duty truck, equipment, machine tool, boat,ship, locomotive, helicapter, conveyer

Hi, My name is Vladimir Abramov. I am MS in mechanical engineering and USA inventor with the large engineering and management experience in Russia and USA. There is the extensive experience in both the practical and theoretical aspects of shift gearbox designs in the mega-giant gear-transmission plant and the successful businesses as self-employment at own company in Moscow during 5 years. I have designed and built transmissions used in many industrial and agricultural applications. One shift gearbox design got highest evaluation by Professor Dr. Kulbachnyy of All-Union Machine-Building Institute of Moscow (Chief of Department of the Theory of Mechanisms, Machines, and Mechanics of Robots ). The first MDU gearbox for new combine harvester that have got conclusion “that the developed design is perspective and it should be recommended to manufacture an experimental model for future stand (laboratory) and field tests” (it is available to see). However, Government of former Soviet Union has ignored to introduce this design that has 4 gears, 4 bearings and one shaft less than the existing gearbox. Economic achievements were secondary to political considerations. Our company looking for the relationship with government, any entity and individuals who have interest to protect the environment from the excessive oil, natural gas, metal, electricity consumption, and also excessive missions of the huge number of vehicles based on land, air, and water, to improve its maneuverability, and to reduce the manufacturing costs. I send the seven proposal-abstracts of other seven fields of machine building where the manufactures made the focus only to develop power of engine and ignore levers like gearbox. There is period of the time when was few number of vehicles on Earth, the energy was too cheap. This is easy to increase number of machine tools, equipment then the number of employment. Please create your opinions. No hesitate to call (e-mail) me if you have questions.