Ultra Low NOx Biogas-to-Power Conversion Technology
Clean Technology 2008

Ultra Low NOx Biogas-to-Power Conversion Technology

B. Wilson, C. Smutzer, L. Waterland, S. Lasher

biogas, landfill gas, NOx, engines

Soaring energy prices and rising concerns about energy security and global warming, combined with the growing availability of high-value waste streams and opportunity fuels, have renewed interest in waste-to-energy conversion systems. To enable owners of these high-value waste streams to capture these new growth opportunities, TIAX has developed ICE-based biogas conversion technologies that utilize Hydrogen Assisted Lean Operation (HALO) to achieve ultra-low emissions (0.1 lb/MWh NOx) and high efficiency (34-38% LHV) at low cost. BioHALO (HALO applied to biogas engines) is especially attractive in states where permits for new waste-to-energy installations are difficult to secure and existing installations are being shut down for not meeting strict NOx emissions requirements. BioHALO also generates emission reduction credits that can offset emissions at other sites or be sold at lucrative prices. The benefits of the BioHALO technology have been demonstrated on a 75 kW gas-fired engine cogeneration unit at our Engine Test Facility in Cambridge MA, in partnership with the California Energy Commission. This presentation will describe the technology in detail as well as the results of lab-scale demonstration testing.