EarthCo Building Systems
Clean Technology 2008

EarthCo Building Systems

L. Williamson
EarthCo Building Systems, Inc., US

sustainable, energy efficient, cost effective, environmentally friendly

EarthCo Building Systems, Inc. (EBS) in conjunction with Texas Tech University is developing a mechanized building process that will revolutionize the construction industry. The EBS building process is fast, cost effective, energy and resource efficient and environmentally friendly. It features the patented EarthCo MegablockTM machine that is trailer mounted for easy transportation to the construction site. Locally available earthen material is processed into compressed earth blocks (CEB) that typically weigh 3 to 14 tons each. The EBS placement process utilizes readily available construction equipment along with a specialized lifting device to lift, carry and place Earthco Megablocks TM to create a wall system for residential and/or commercial applications. This process produces massive earthen walls generally 24” thick or greater that provide superior thermal mass applicable to passive solar designs and the construction of zero energy buildings. Within 2 years, EarthCo MegablockTM machines capable of producing 100 - 300 tons per hour will be available. EarthCo Building Systems is the first building process to achieve a closed loop materials cycle as required by “Cradle to Cradle” design.