Enviroquip MBR System Helps OHSU Go Platinum
Clean Technology 2008

Enviroquip MBR System Helps OHSU Go Platinum

K. Mathis
Enviroquip, a division of Eimco Water Technologies, US

MBR, membranes, recycle, wastewater

Enviroquip was the preferred supplier for the MBR system used in the Oregon Health and Science University’s River Campus One building that has achieved LEED Platinum status. To date, it is the largest LEED Platinum certified building in the US. The Enviroquip MBR System was selected as the technology-of-choice because of its superior effluent quality, small footprint, ease-of-operation, and cost of ownership. Among many energy and water conservation programs, the OHSU building recycles 100% of the wastewater generated. It is reused for in-building toilet flushing and landscape irrigation. The OHSU building uses approximately 60% less potable water than a similar conventional building with the help of the Enviroquip MBR System. Effluent not reused is discharged directly to the Lower Willamette River. Discharging the effluent to the river is possible because of the Level IV reuse water produced by the MBR system.