The Global Warming Solution Act and Its Compliances
Clean Technology 2008

The Global Warming Solution Act and Its Compliances

M. Li
Sun Automatic Systems Inc., AR

energy efficiency, cleantech

The state of California has just formally adopted the Global Warming Solutions Act, which requiers California’s industries to cut greenhouse pollutants such as carbon dioxide 25 percent, to 1990 levels, by 2020. We believe that we have just the right tool to help attain this goal. The twin pillars of sustainable energy policy are renewable energy and energy efficiency. We offer solutions that combine both (please see PDF file attachment for a few brief examples). Energy efficiency and renewable power source constitute such a broad and flexible theme that they can be applied to virtually any industrial process to reduce its carbon emissions. We are confident that we have the capability to reduce the carbon emission of any industrial company by well over 25%, hence help our clients to comply with the Global Warming Solutions Act. While we are fully confident in our technologies and our abilities to implement them, we do not have ready access to the Californian market, however. The fact that we are based abroad certainly doesn’t help. We see the present conference as a unique opportunity to reach out to the potencial customers.