The Cleanest Biomass Fuel in the World
Clean Technology 2008

The Cleanest Biomass Fuel in the World

A. Amen
NewEarth Renewable Energy Inc., US


THE CLEANEST BIOMASS FUEL IN THE WORLD We have created new cutting edge biomass fuels that can immediately replace the consumption of coal and natural gas worldwide. These fuels can be immediately use at any electric power generation facilities around the world by itself or it can be co-fired with coal without any retrofitting, loss of productivity, service to customers, or down time. These fuels are CO2 and GHG emissions neutral. This is a major step forward in the effort to reduce and possibly reverse the effects of Global Warming. Through our natural patent pending process we remove all the naturally occurring pollutants and smoke forming organic volatiles, so nothing is left but the clean burning energy component. Then we condense and concentrate the energy component to create what is essentially the cleanest burning fuel in the world. When our ECO Clean Coal is burned it is smokeless and odorless, and because even the naturally occurring volatiles are removed, this fuel is really beyond CO2 and GHG emissions neutral. This is an improvement over all other existing biomass fuels. NewEarth specialize in creating unique biomass fuels specifically designed to displace fossil fuels but are for use in the existing power infrastructure. This is technology that can be used today, without costly investments or retooling. For example, a power station in the U.S., China, Europe, or anywhere in just one day could switch out completely its coal load, and burn our NewEarth ECO Fuels and become green house gas neutral, and never pollute the air again.