Emissions 2.0 - A Carbon Sherpa has Arrived
Clean Technology 2008

Emissions 2.0 - A Carbon Sherpa has Arrived

M. Meehan
Carbonetworks, US

carbon emissions

State/regional legislation in the U.S. has already created the groundwork for a carbon market, and federal regulation will be here by 2009. Still, many U.S. companies are clueless about how to gain visibility into their carbon emissions and what their strategy will be in addressing this new addition to the corporate bottom line. Michael Meehan, CEO and co-founder of Carbonetworks, a software and services company with enterprise solutions that allow companies to create effective greenhouse gas emissions strategies could discuss on the panel: •What potential changes in U.S. carbon market regulations could mean for the enterprise •What companies can do to get their emissions strategies inline in 2008, ahead of a possible set carbon market •Offset options available to the enterprise •Their Carbon Offset Marketplace, which puts companies in touch with other organizations who have either a carbon credit or deficit, where they can sell or buy carbon credits to perfectly maintain their Carbon Balance Sheet •Carbonetworks five step process they recommend executives implement in order to develop effective emissions strategies More than 3,000 companies have joined the Carbonetworks platform. More on Carbonetworks can be found here: www.carbonetworks.com.