Integration of Subsidy and Regulatory Funding Opportunites
Clean Technology 2008

Integration of Subsidy and Regulatory Funding Opportunites

E. Hinckley
Deloitte, US

financing, policy

This paper examines the challenges and solutions for efficiently managing the wide array of policy driven financial supports for Cleantech investments. Due to the disparity in the sources of, and requirements for, funding opportunities, maximizing available support can be extremely challenging but also extremely rewarding. An example of this would be an investor in a renewable electric generation project trying to find the greatest possible value from federal tax based subsidies, a rebate program administered by area regulated utilities, the generation of renewable energy certificates, steeper forward electric price curves caused by carbon limitations and potential incentives negotiated with a municipal government. By understanding the integrated opportunity an investor can make informed decisions about project sites, timing, technology choice and a host of other variables.