The Integrated Lighting System
Clean Technology 2008

The Integrated Lighting System

S. Heins
Orion Energy Systems, US

energy efficiency, high efficiency lighting, solar light pipe, light sensor, energy management system

The Integrated Lighting System is an idea whose time has come. Basically, it combines the best of energy efficiency and economic renewables. Done properly, its economic and environmental benefits are enormous. In addition to providing the well-documented benefits of daylighting in work environments, the integrated system provides free, renewable and zero carbon energy. The system consists of high efficiency lighting, solar light pipes, light sensors and an energy management system, which can by used in high bay applications including manufacturing facilities, warehousing, distribution centers, auditoriums, gymnasiums, etc. The idea is to provide a 100% reduction in electrical consumption for lighting systems by maximizing the light levels of daylight for substantial periods of daytime. In fact, after thirty years of mandating skylights in commercial/industrial space, California has seen fit to finally mandate the use of integrated lighting systems for all new construction by the year 2012. They realized that the mandatory skylighting provision did nothing for reduced electrical consumption unless it delivered enough light to displace the lighting system. This is very important for a state like California because of their huge electrical demand in summertime, due to air-conditioning requirements, especially during peak load times. My presentation and White Paper will discuss the technology, the benefits and the barriers to the Integrated Lighting System approach.