SunFlake A/S
Clean Technology 2008

SunFlake A/S

M. Aagesen
SunFlake A/S, DK


SunFlake’s nano flakes have the potential to convert up to 30 per cent of the solar energy into electricity. Each flakes have a perfect crystalline structure and the flakes in combination have a structure that absorbs all light. Properties that may be form the basis for the perfect solar cell. The potential is unmistakeable since the technology also reduces production costs because less of expensive semi conducting silicon is used in the process due to the use of nanotechnology. At the same time, the flake structure exploits the solar energy better as the distance of energy transportation in the solar cell is shorter and thus lessen the loss of energy. With a proven technology ready and parameters such as expected $/kWh, development cost, and time to market theoretically qualified, SunFlake plans to raise capital that will help the company take the technology from patent to product.