Energy Tap
Clean Technology 2008

Energy Tap

C. Roberts
Energy Tap, US


Improving energy efficiency by converting waste heat into electricity Energy Tap is a start-up company that helps its customers conserve energy and capital by converting their waste heat into clean electricity using a patent-pending technology. The immediate application for our product is at heat stacks such as those found at power plants, oil refineries and manufacturing facilities. Our products harvest energy by attaching directly to the outside of the stack and converting its surface heat into usable electricity. Our goal is to design, manufacture, and sell products based on this technology. Our products will be attractive to potential customers for two reasons. First, energy costs are rising, and secondly, global warming is becoming a major public concern. Energy costs consume approximately 20% or more of industrial operating expenses and as a result, energy efficiency is extremely relevant to such firms as energy prices climb. Moreover, fuels used to generate electricity, such as coal, emit large amounts of greenhouse gas (GHG). However, our products create electricity without producing GHG and therefore reduce the tradeoff between low cost energy and environmental responsibility.