Polyflow Corporation
Clean Technology 2008

Polyflow Corporation

J. Hensel
Polyflow Corporation, US


Polyflow will commercialize a patent-pending alternative energy technology that enables the conversion of mixed waste polymers into monomers, the feedstock used by petrochemical companies to make polymers. The major product of the Polyflow process is styrene and the technology is an alternate and low cost route to styrene, a chemical feedstock for polystyrene and other engineering polymers. The Polyflow process reduces greenhouse gas emissions 70% versus incineration and is an environmentally sound, process of choice for the disposal of plastic and rubber waste. The technology has the potential to reduce the dependence on foreign oil by as much as half of the 7% of consumption used in the manufacture of plastics. The Polyflow technology will revolutionize the global plastics industry. Polyflow will: 1. Demonstrate the chemistry by reconditioning and running a full scale development batch processor. 2. Build value through validation of the continuous process by the construction and operation of a section of a full size production processor. 3. Generate revenue through the sale of technology, engineering and administrative services, and plants to the petrochemical industry, waste industry and municipalities, through joint ventures, engineering contracts and technology licenses.