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Clean Technology 2008

Advent Technologies

V. Gregoriou
Advent Technologies, GR


ADVENT TECHNOLOGIES develops new materials and systems for renewable energy technologies, such as high temperature PEM fuel cells, clean hydrogen generation, methanol production and flexible photovoltaics. The Company is headquartered in Athens, Greece with research facilities in Patras, Greece and in Boston, Massachusetts, USA. Advent Technologies is primarily focused on high temperature membrane-electrode assemblies (MEAs) for renewable energy applications. The Company, founded by researchers from the Foundation for Research & Technology-Hellas (FORTH-ICEHT) and the University of Patras in February 2005, is a spin-off operation from these two academic institutions. The Company plans to establish a strong presence in North America via its US location (ADVENT TECHNOLOGIES NORTH AMERICA INC., founded July 2006) and in a strategic collaboration with Northeastern University, Boston, MA where Advent Technologies has a long term research and service agreement with the University. Advent Technologies is committed to be the market leader in high temperature membrane-electrode assemblies (MEAs) which are the heart of high temperature PEM fuels and other renewable energy technologies. Advent Technologies products are low cost, best suited for large scale manufacturing and are very stable and very durable.