Tunable Separations Inc
Clean Technology 2008

Tunable Separations Inc

M. Katulec
Tunable Separations, Inc, US


COMPANY: Provide Membrane Systems for Liquid Separations University of Colorado/Colorado School of Mines Incubated Technology CUSTOMERS: Biorefineries, Petrochemical Refineries, Water Treatment Wastewater Treatment, etc. MARKET: Ethanol: 5.6B gal/yr US 2007 36 B gal/yr 2022 OPPORTUNITY: Membrane Solution that Enables Continuous Batch Operations in Ethanol Plants Potential market size $1-$2B BENEFITS: Higher Yield Per Input Corn/Cellulose Requires Fewer Fermenters & Delivers More Efficient/Lower Cost Purification Eliminates Distillation Capital Cost reduction by 50% to $1.00/Gallon Energy Cost Reduction by 66% to $0.07/Gallon CAPITAL NEEDS: $3M for 24 Months Build Commercial Prototype Technology Validation/Customer Engagement