PureLux, Inc
Clean Technology 2008

PureLux, Inc

D. Boudreaux
PureLux, Inc, US


PureLux is developing a new form of general illumination using nano-composite polymer films that surpasses the efficiency of commonly installed lighting devices. Unlike incandescent and fluorescent lights, which lose a significant amount of energy to heat, PureLux lighting is extremely efficient in converting energy directly to light. In fact, PureLux is already 10 times more efficient than incandescent bulbs and 3 times more efficient than common fluorescent bulbs. The Company’s initial product will be a thin-film, plug-compatible replacement for common fluorescent fixtures that not only reduces energy consumption but also produces light of improved color, warmth and appearance. This new lighting system will be compatible with current electrical circuitry in offices, homes, factories and other facilities.