Gaia Power Technologies
Clean Technology 2008

Gaia Power Technologies

B. Doruk
Gaia Power Technologies, US


Gaia Power Technologies, Inc. develops and sells battery-based energy management and storage systems for residential, commercial, and utility applications. Gaia’s turnkey systems revolutionize the use of battery technology by improving the ability to install and control batteries for use in backup power, supplemental power, and renewable integration applications for end-users as well as utilities. Gaia has hundreds of installed systems in 15 states and 4 countries with over 4 million hours of operating time. Our products, PowerTower systems, integrate power electronics, energy storage, and proprietary communications and controls in a modular, turnkey package, listed to various Underwriters Laboratory (UL) specifications. Benefits of this fully integrated approach is that the system: 1) is modular and installs easily 2) operates quietly, continuously and is emissionfree 3) can be controlled remotely and networked to aggregate power and storage, and 4) integrates seamlessly with multiple power sources, including wind turbines, photovoltaics, fuel cells, and generators. The PowerTower is available in two size scales, 6kW - 30kW and 75kW - 1MW.