Clean Technology 2008


D. Themy
Neohydro, US


NeoHydro is is incorporated in the state of Texas, and is specializing in the manufacture and distribution of machines that sterilize and disinfect liquids, producing clean (micro-pathogen free) water through electro-oxidation. NeoHydro presents new solutions for worldwide water production and sterilization industries. As the name – meaning new water – indicates, the Company delivers technology that transforms water and liquids into “new” sterile and disinfected solutions. With NeoHydro’s proprietary electrodes (including seven patents and a new patent pending), the Company electrolyzes liquids into clean, microorganism free liquids. This technology can be used in a variety of industries, from drinking and waste water to energy to healthcare, household, agricultural, food, as well as having many applications in the oil industry. This non-invasive and ecologically friendly technology presents a viable option for sterilizing liquid in a wide range of industries.