Soane Energy LLC
Clean Technology 2008

Soane Energy LLC

A. Thakrar
Soane Energy LLC, US


Soane Energy has invented a novel technology for extracting oil from oil sands more cost effectively while addressing a major environmental problem of significant water usage. The stable political and economic environment in Canada is very conducive to attracting large investment in oil sand projects. With $125 billion of projects announced by major oil companies, which will triple production to 3 million barrels/day by 2015, we believe it is the right time to introduce innovation. Our process is easily retrofittable into exisiting or new plants thereby reducing substantially the commerical risks in this high capital intensity industry. We project a 2-3 investment pay-back with >50% ROI over the 25 yr life of an oil sands project. We are seeking funding to construct and operate a pilot plant. The field data will be utilized to develop an independent technical and economic feasibility assessment to attract industrial partners.