GeoEnergy Enterprises, LLC
Clean Technology 2008

GeoEnergy Enterprises, LLC

T. Penachio
GeoEnergy Enterprises, LLC, US


As energy costs continue to climb the earth’s mass, a renewable energy supply universally available only 4 feet below the surface, increases in importance and value. Established in 2001 GeoEnergy Enterprises, LLC (GEE) is in the business of developing, producing and marketing low cost residential and light commercial heating and cooling products utilizing this constant 55 to 60 F degree renewable energy supply otherwise know as geothermal (or ground source) HVAC . GEE has developed a next generation of geothermal heat exchanger. Called the GeoColumn an off-the-shelf, small bore (27 inch/diameter). shallow-well (23 feet depth), hybrid direct exchange unit suited for installation in either urban or rural situations. It is easily installed in the ground in less than one hour per ton of conditioning. GEE’s propriertary GeoColumn is then coupled with state-of-the-art heat pump technology to provide a compleate GEE geothermal heating and cooling system, the entire installltion taking approximatily one day. These savings thus lower end-user initial cost of acquistion while providing similar or improved geothermal HVAC energy and cost savings reducing the system’s total lifetime operating expense which can increase the ROI to the systems’ owner.