Nano-Terra, Inc.
Clean Technology 2008

Nano-Terra, Inc.

E. Ostuni
Nano-Terra, Inc., US

self-assembly, nanomaterials

Nano-Terra is a nanotechnology development company commercializing the inventions of its chairman, Harvard professor George Whitesides. Whitesides has produced ground-breaking research and ideas that have led to the development of major commercial ventures with a combined market value of over $20 billion, including Genzyme and Geltex, and Nano-Terra advisors have been successful in creating other valuable early stage ventures that resulted in numerous successful companies. Nano-Terra has exclusively licensed over 60 of Whitesides’ patents from Harvard. The innovative Nano-Terra model is based on collaboration and the company’s ability to capitalize on its patents, effectively bridging the gap between academia and commerce. After assessing specific business needs, Nano-Terra strikes development and licensing agreements with key consumer and industry brand leaders. Nano-Terra uses its unique expertise and tools to take traditional methods of manufacturing, such as molding, printing and stenciling, and extend collaborators’ capabilities in new and powerful ways – creating new products and processes for its partners. This model enables the company to minimize its capital requirements and diversify its portfolio while leaving the marketing execution to those whose business includes a strong marketing component.