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LeddarTech inc.

D. Gilbert
LeddarTech inc., CA


LeddarTech inc. is a recent start-up company that was spun-off from the National Optics Institute (INO) in Quebec City. The company was incorporated in July 2007 and has been granted an exclusive and worldwide license for a unique patented technology based on Light Emitting Diode (LED) lighting for detection and ranging applications. A first financing round of $750 000 was concluded in September 2007. Current investor pool includes Innovatech Québec, INO, three private investors and the three founding partners. A second round of financing of $5 million is planned for May 2008. Our Mission is to provide the most effective detection and ranging solution based on existing lighting systems throughout the world. Our Values are innovation, passion through creativity, honesty, integrity and customer intimacy. Our Objective is to generate more than $ 20 million recurring revenues by FY 2011-2012 in transportation and industrial markets.