reXorce Thermionics, Inc.
Clean Technology 2008

reXorce Thermionics, Inc.

M. Gurin
reXorce Thermionics, Inc., US


reXorce is privately-held headquartered in Ohio and was founded to pursue profit with a purpose, by providing innovative, efficient solutions to global energy challenges. It is developing the Thermafficient system, a modified absorption heat pump that concurrently produces power, cooling and heating. The system utilizes a proprietary binary fluid system that allows for smaller, more efficient systems that can operate under conditions both suitable and unsuitable for a steam cycle. • Near term goal: Create a thermal engine that efficiently recovers waste heat from a wide range of low and high quality thermal sources and converts this into usable energy. • Long term goal: Evolve Thermafficient™ into a platform technology that changes the way energy is sourced, produced, distributed and consumed. reXorce will initially sell ThermafficientTM demonstration modules for greenfield and brownfield opportunities. The system is a standard retrofit to existing plants. Expected performance by application includes: (1) low-temperature geothermal applications with greater than 25% efficiency improvements (2) solar thermal as a source of power, projecting up to 300% efficiency gains versus solar photovoltaic (3) internal combustion engine alternative with thermodynamic efficiency projected at greater than 70% (4) consumer appliances from HVAC to refrigeration and hybrid HVAC having increased efficiencies.