SemGreen L.P.
Clean Technology 2008

SemGreen L.P.

T. Scrima
SemGreen L.P., US


On Board On Demand H2 Seven patents applied for along with two international PCTs. Forecasted results; *30-40% increase in engine efficiency, resulting in a 30-40% increase in fuel savings. * 30-60% reduction in emissions, including a reduction in No x Using SemGreen’s proprietary non-thermal plasma reforming process will result in low-cost hydrogen production from renewable feedstock and/or existing mainstream fuels. The reformer process can be used in fuel cell engines with adaptations. The reformer’s successful completion will solve one of the major blocks to the hydrogen economy by supplying affordable and practical hydrogen delivery. By the end of 2008 SemGreen L..P. will have full scale working demos for automotive and generator sized engines. Benefits of H2 in Internal Combustion Engines (ICE