QM Power, Inc.
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QM Power, Inc.

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QM Power, Inc., US


QM Power, Inc. (“Quantum Magnetic Power”) was founded in November of 2006 to capitalize on proprietary and patented advances in a low cost, high performance electric motor, generator and actuator technology called Parallel Path Magnetic Technology (PPMT™). PPMT is a breakthrough technology that uses permanent magnets in a novel yet simple and efficient magnetic circuit design that can substantially reduce cost and improve performance for almost any electro-mechanical application. PPMT products operate far more efficiently over a wider power range than conventional/existing AC or DC electric motors, generators and actuators. They have higher power density and reliability, run cooler and are much lighter, smaller and lower cost. QM Power has developed over 50 prototypes and is beginning to approach strategic industry leaders to demonstrate the improved efficiency and performance for power tools, electric or hybrid electric vehicles, power generation, linear actuators/pumps/clamps, industrial motors, military applications and a variety of other stand-alone applications.