Plastic Knowledge (formerly SILK Displays)
Clean Technology 2008

Plastic Knowledge (formerly SILK Displays)

R. Simon
Plastic Knowledge, CA


Plastic Knowledge Inc., a Canadian company, makes exciting new products using the latest in electronics on plastic (or plastic electronics). In 2004, seasoned professionals with extensive experience in the fields of Electronics, Chemistry, Optics, Military, Aerospace and Communications founded Plastic Knowledge. Starting with technology developed in 2001 at McGill University, Plastic Knowledge now creates plastic films that incorporate electronic circuits, ideally suited to meet a wide range of functions with applications in mobile or portable electronic devices, instruments, and gaming devices. Plastic Knowledge has unique plastic electronic solutions for the mobile and portable electronic devices market ranging from curved plastic displays, interactive touch screens to 3D headsets. Building upon a core expertise in the design and manufacture of complex plastic structures in conjunction with microelectronics, Plastic Knowledge will deliver plastic that will change the way people will see, feel, (hear,) and interact with electronics.