UltraViolet Dioxide, Inc.
Clean Technology 2008

UltraViolet Dioxide, Inc.

N. Cronin
UltraViolet Dioxide, Inc., US


Health regulatory agencies and the scientific community have long recognized chlorine dioxide (ClO2) as a powerful oxidant when applied as a disinfectant for destruction of microorganisms and the inactivation of viruses, cysts and ocysts. It is also a very effective bleaching agent used in the pulp and paper industry. The major difficulties encountered in the widespread use of ClO2 for environmental purposes have been: 1. The economics of ClO2 when compared to the universal use and cost of chlorine 2. The ability to generate and retain ClO2 onsite and 3. The capability to store and maintain the integrity and concentration of the product over a defined period of time. UltraVioletDioxide, Inc. (UVD) has developed a technology that produces ClO2 either in solution, or as a gas, and can be used as the sole conversion technology or as an enhancement to existing ClO2 production technologies. Our approach effectively addresses the three challenges above, such that ClO2 can be used as a cost-effective application for disinfection and bleaching.