NanoScale Corporation
Clean Technology 2008

NanoScale Corporation

O. Koper
NanoScale Corporation, US


NanoScale Corporation is a dynamic, innovative technology Company founded to develop and commercialize proprietary nanomaterials, technologies, and related services with the market emphasis on environmental remediation. Tomorrow’s technologies serving Customer needs today is the essence of NanoScale’s mission. Our primary business segments include sales of products and services, government contracts, joint development agreements with the private sector, and analytical services offerings. Our advanced nano-chemistry has resulted in a broad range of products focused on safety, environment, decontamination of life-threatening hazardous chemicals, improved air or water quality, removal of impurities from oil or gas streams, and elimination of odor causing agents. In contrast to competing products, NanoScale products not only remove, but also destroy toxic chemicals converting them to much safer byproducts. The primary award winning product, FAST-ACT® (First Applied Sorbent Treatment-Against Chemical Threats), is a nanotechnology based, low logistical burden, immediately usable, single product for counteracting known and unknown spills and vapor releases of hazardous chemicals, including chemical warfare agents. NanoActive materials are economically produced on a large scale and their safe use has been proven by independent toxicology testing.