Cool Energy, Inc.
Clean Technology 2008

Cool Energy, Inc.

S. Weaver
Cool Energy, Inc., US


Cool Energy is focused on the development of a Solar Thermal Stirling Engine for Combined Heat and Power (STSE-CHP), having a marketing name of the SolarFlow(TM) CHP System. This novel engine is integrated with solar thermal collectors or other renewable medium temperature heat sources such as geothermal and industrial waste heat. Cost-effective electricity and water and space heat are produced onsite and provided to homes and buildings in locations that have seasonal space heating needs in addition to their electricity requirements. When completed, a typical SolarFlow System is predicted to reduce home heating fuel use by 60-80%, water heating use by 95%, and electricity use by 40-70%, by replacing fossil fuel energy with solar power. Furthermore, the SolarFlow System has the potential to be more cost effective in both installation and operation than a comparable photovoltaic (PV) system, and to ultimately be cost competitive with fossil fuel-sourced energy generation. Most importantly, commercial realization of such a system will enable widespread zero emissions energy and heat production for homes and commercial buildings from renewable solar energy.