Anaxtal, Inc.
Clean Technology 2008

Anaxtal, Inc.

D. Witter
Anaxtal, Inc., US


ANAXTAL is my consulting company for “crystal growth and characterization”. Technology that was patented at Texas Instruments in 1987 should now be reduced to practice to permit lower cost single and multi-crystalline silicon materials by vertical integration of silane producers to the business of crystal pulling and/or ingot casting. Reactor materials will be developed for deposition of silicon above its melting point and melt transfer to pulling and/or casting stations in order to avoid the energy required for reheating silicon after shipment to crystal growth and casting customers around the world. A diverse skilled team is in place to manage and develop the materials and processes that demonstrate the economics and quality of the solar silicon produced by this technology. Provisional patents are in place to support the containment material requirements of the expired TI patent (US4710260) that taught the original concept. TI had a change in strategy in the early 90’s that left this patent untested. The present shortage of silicon for solar applications and the expected cost pressures on silane producers encourages us to venture with this technology that rejects outsourcing strategies and revists the vertical integration that made TI great.