Methods of Synthesizing Arborescent Polymers (Dendrigraft)
Clean Technology 2008

Methods of Synthesizing Arborescent Polymers (Dendrigraft)

S. Bagheri
University of Waterloo, CA

cosmetic ingredient solubilisation, targeted drug delivery, carbon fibres coatings, ultra thin films or polymers, plastics additives, inkjet toners or dyes and paints, automotive lubricant additive, catalysts, electronic chemicals, water filtering

Illustration of methods for the synthesis of branched (arborescent) homopolymers with a defined structure. These molecules, characterized by a cascade-branched (arborescent) architecture, belong to the dendritic polymers family. They were synthesized with molecular weights ranging from 10^4-10^8 and branching functionalities side chains from 10-10^4.