Thin nanostructured solar cells on metal sheets
Clean Technology 2008

Thin nanostructured solar cells on metal sheets

M. Toivola, K. Miettunen, J. Halme, P. Lund
Helsinki University of Technology, FI

dye-sensitized solar cell, steel substrate, flexible

We have studied direct integration of nanostructured, dye-sensitized solar cells (DSC) on industrial sheet metals, used e.g. as building materials. To demonstrate an all-flexible, roll-to-roll producable and mechanically stable DSC, counter electrodes made of platinized ITO-PET plastic foils and solidified iodine electrolyte were employed in the cells. Total power conversion efficiency of 3.7 % was obtained with a DSC consisting of a stainless steel photoelectrode, Pt-plastic counter electrode, and gel electrolyte (for a reference, 4.3 % and 4.7 % with a Pt-glass counter electrode and gel and liquid electrolytes, respectively). The simple manufacturing process of the cells and the flexible, low-cost steel substrate show potential for cost-efficient, high throughput mass production of the DSC.