Clean Technology 2008

Clean Technology Business

Attend the largest US clean technology conference
Clean Technology 2008
Boston June 1-4

There is only one conference that brings together the clean technology & sustainable communities – whether you are developing, funding, or adopting technologies that are helping to create a sustainable world – Clean Technology 2008 has a broad range of programs to make this the one conference you can’t afford to miss.

Industry/Business Program includes:

• Panels and speakers covering the latest clean and sustainable topics including: energy, water, finance, policy
• Early-stage venture company presentations
• Growth capital forum
• Intellectual Property for license and purchase
• Industry showcase with representatives from over 200 companies

Global Showcase of Nanotech Centers Initiatives and Innovations

Objective and Scope

This conference is geared to help busy professionals understand technology, investment, and policy trends across the broad span of clean technologies.

Nowhere else can you find industry, government and academia working together to advance the development and commercialization of new and existing technologies.

Panel & Presentation Highlights
The future of power generation – exploring the legislative landscape, environmental impact, and planning necessary to advert the pending energy crisis and develop the right energy portfolio.
Capital funding for renewable energy projects – the faint-hearted need not apply! Learn how companies are using incentives, offshore R&D credits, and creative capital to fund large-scale pilot facilities.
The Food versus Fuel debate is dominating the press as the prices of both sets of commodities skyrocket. Hear what progress is being made to enable sustainable biofuel production today and how companies are looking to next generation technologies for solutions.
Smart grid: managing energy is just as important as the generation. How are energy companies and corporations evaluating and implementing smart grid technologies to drive down energy consumption and increase their bottom lines.
Energy efficiency - procurement strategies for both the public and private sectors.

Why you should attend

Do you know the companies that will be in the headlines tomorrow? Get a jump on the technologies, business strategies, and executives that are leading the next round of solar, wind, ocean, hydrogen, fuel cells, water & environment, and transportation companies.

Are you trying to find technology for licensing or joint development projects? Meet over thirty research and industry organizations that have had their clean technology IP evaluated by our advisory committee to ensure we are showcasing the best and most valuable opportunities.

Showcase your company – whether you have or are looking for clean technology/sustainable solutions – opportunities are still available.

and join this growing list of global companies and institutions that know why they need to be in Boston this June:

• 3M
• Advanced Micro Devices
• Agilent Technologies
• Air Force Research Laboratory
• Air Products & Chemicals
• Alcatel Lucent
• Alcoa
• American Water
• Applied Materials
• Argonne National Laboratory
• Arkema
• Austin Energy
• Battelle
• Baxter
• Boeing Company
• Booz Allen Hamilton
• BP
• Brookhaven National Laboratory
• Buhler
• Cabot
• Carl Zeiss SMT
• Case Scientific
• Chrysler
• Church & Dwight
• Ciba Corp.
• ConocoPhillips
• US DOE National Energy Technology Lab
• CVI Melles Griot
• Deloitte Consulting
• DOE Office of Energy Efficiency & Renewable Energy
• Dow Chemical
• DuPont
• DuPont Ventures
• Eastman Kodak Co.
• Energizer
• European Patent Office
• Evans Analytical Group
• Evident Technologies
• EXAKT Technologies
• EyeGate Pharmaceuticals
• GE Global Research
• GE Venture Capital
• GE Water
• GlaxoSmithKline
• Halliburton
• HDR Architecture
• Hitachi Chemical Co. America Ltd.
• Hitachi High Technologies America
• Honda
• Honda Strategic Venturing
• HP Labs
• Idaho National Laboratory
• IIT Bombay
• Intel Corp.
• Invitrogen
• Jefferies & Co.
• L'Oréal
• Lam Research Corp.
• Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory
• Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory
• Lockheed Martin Corp.
• Los Alamos National Laboratory
• Matsushita Electric Industrial Co. Ltd.
• Merck
• MIT Sloan
• Motorola
• National Institutes of Health (NIH)
• National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL)
• National Research Council
• National Research Council of Italy (CNR)
• National Semiconductor Corp.
• Naval Research Laboratory
• NETZSCH Fine Particle Technology
• Nikkiso Co Ltd.
• Nikon
• Nissan Chemical Industries