Clean Technology 2008

About Clean Technology 2008

CTSI Clean Technology and Sustainable Industries Conference and Trade Show

Clean Technology 2008 is a multi-disciplinary and multi-sector conference on global sustainability addressing advancements in traditional technologies, emerging technologies and clean business practices. The mission of Clean Technology 2008 is to bring together the entire Clean Technology ecosystem with the goal of accelerating the flow of technologies from the research phase to the viable market phase. We do this by linking scientists, engineers and researchers with potential business, financial and government partners. The Clean Technology ecosystem enables a growing set of knowledge-based technologies, products or services designed to improve operational performance, productivity or efficiency while reducing costs, inputs, energy consumption, waste or pollution.

Clean Technology 2008 is collocated with:

  • NSTI Nanotech 2008
    (the largest nanotechnology conference & trade show, and associated ventures and investment event in the US, 11th annual)
  • 2008 Techconnect Summit
    (the world’s largest peer-vetted deal flow for technology Partnering, Investing and Licensing)
  • BioNano 2008.

The co-location of Clean Technology 2008 and Nanotech 2008 is an ideal match due to many overlapping technologies and industries represented by both communities.

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