Cleantech 2007 Ventures and Partnering

May 23, 2007
Santa Clara Convention Center
Silicon Valley, California, U.S.A.

Run jointly with the TechConnect Summit and the 10th Annual Nanotech Conferences

Cleantech Ventures An ideal forum for “seed” to “early-stage” companies to showcase their technologies, market advantages, and to search for funding. Selected companies give 10 minute presentations, and benefit from on-site networking with the Cleantech 2007 Investment and Partnering Board, corporate capital, venture capital and multi-sector investment attendees.

Join the world’s largest Cleantech Venture and Partnering Forum!

Cleantech Ventures & Partnering Program


Nanotech Ventures — Tuesday May 22

7:00 Registration
4:30 Nanotech Ventures & Partnering: Pharam & Biotech
4:30 Nanotech Ventures & Partnering: Instrumentation & Tools 1
4:30 Nanotech Ventures & Partnering: Electronics
5:30 Nanotech Ventures Reception
6:00 Nanotech Ventures & Partnering: Materials 1
6:00 Nanotech Ventures & Partnering: Instrumentation & Tools 2
6:00 Nanotech/Techconnect Ventures & Partnering: Electronics & Devices

Cleantech Ventures — Wednesday May 23

2:30 Successful Private Equity & Venture Capital Funding for Early Stage Companies : Panel
3:30 Nanotech Ventures & Partnering: Health & Medicine
3:30 Nanotech Ventures & Partnering: Services, Infrastucture & Software
3:30 Cleantech Ventures & Partnering: Energy 1
3:30 Cleantech Ventures & Partnering: Materials & Applications
5:00 Cleantech: Water
5:00 Cleantech Ventures & Partnering: Energy 2
5:00 Cleantech Ventures & Partnering: Sustainables, Efficiencies, Fuels
5:00 Nanotech Ventures & Partnering: Advanced Materials
5:00 TechConnect Ventures & Partnering: Software

Nanotech Ventures — Tuesday May 22

7:00 RegistrationMain Lobby
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4:30 Nanotech Ventures & Partnering: Pharam & BiotechRoom 210
4:30 Simpore Inc.
H. Gaborski, Simpore Inc., US
4:40 Alnis BioSciences, Inc.
S. Barry, Alnis BioSciences, Inc., US
4:50 Argentum Medica
T. Castor, Argentum Medica, US
5:00 SpeciGen
B. Campion, SpeciGen, US
5:10 Arrogene, Inc
L. Foster, Arrogene, Inc, US
5:20 Sapient Discovery, LLC.
K. Ramnarayan, Sapient Discovery, LLC., US
5:30 Vitrimark, Inc.
A. Bose, Vitrimark, Inc., US
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4:30 Nanotech Ventures & Partnering: Instrumentation & Tools 1Room 207
4:30 Protochips, Inc.
D. Nackashi, Protochips, Inc., US
4:40 Nanopoint, Inc.
C. Owen, Nanopoint, Inc., US
B. Dahmani, Lovalite SAS, FR
5:00 IntelliSense
S. Akkaraju, IntelliSense, US
5:10 Hyphenated-Systems
T. Lundy, Hyphenated-Systems, US
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4:30 Nanotech Ventures & Partnering: ElectronicsRoom 209
4:30 New Scale Technologies, Inc.
D. Henderson, New Scale Technologies, Inc., US
4:40 NanoRay
D. Garmire, NanoRay, US
4:50 NanoLambda
B. Choi, NanoLambda, US
5:00 QuantaSol Ltd.
K. Arthur, QuantaSol Ltd., UK
5:10 Analog Bridge Inc.
G.A. Steinhauer, Analog Bridge Inc., US
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5:30 Nanotech Ventures ReceptionGreat America Terrace
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6:00 Nanotech Ventures & Partnering: Materials 1Room 210
6:00 HeiQ Materials Ltd.
M.J. Height, HeiQ Materials Ltd., CH
6:10 Optical Dynamics Corporation
G. Powers, Optical Dynamics Corporation, US
6:20 Nanosys Inc.
S. Empedocles, Nanosys Inc., US
6:30 Advanced Diamond Technologies, Inc.
N. Kane, Advanced Diamond Technologies, Inc., US
6:40 Silk Displays, Inc.
R.A. Simon, Silk Displays, Inc., CA
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6:00 Nanotech Ventures & Partnering: Instrumentation & Tools 2Room 207
6:00 Atomistix A/S
T. Magnussen, Atomistix A/S, DK
6:20 BINAN Group
B. Oster, BINAN Group, US
6:30 Biochem Consulting Services
R. Balu, Biochem Consulting Services, US
6:40 VIGMA Nanoelectronics
Y. Chen, VIGMA Nanoelectronics, US
6:10 Systine Inc.
H.P. Gillis, Systine Inc., US
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6:00 Nanotech/Techconnect Ventures & Partnering: Electronics & DevicesRoom 209
6:00 DRC computer corp
L. Laurich, DRC computer corp, US
6:10 Aquarian MIcrosystems
A.K. Henning, Aquarian MIcrosystems, US
6:20 Flexvia
D. Monsma, Flexvia, US
6:30 Boleo, Inc.
B. Lucero, Boleo, Inc., US
6:40 mission critical electronic systems
S. Randle, mission critical electronic systems, US
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Cleantech Ventures — Wednesday May 23

2:30 Successful Private Equity & Venture Capital Funding for Early Stage Companies : PanelGrand Ballroom F
 Session chair: Tom Rosenbloom, Foley and Lardner, US
- J. Fonstad, Draper Fisher Jurvetson, US
- N. Kane, Advanced Diamond Technologies, Inc., US
- E. Burnett, Applied NanoWorks, US
- R. Serrato, Tokyo Electron Venture Capital, US
- T. Rosenbloom, Foley & Lardner LLP, US
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3:30 Nanotech Ventures & Partnering: Health & MedicineRoom 209
3:30 Sweet Power Inc.
S. Angappan, Sweet Power Inc., CA
3:40 Nanomix, Inc.
B. Perry, Nanomix, Inc., US
3:50 FluimediX
T. Ussing, FluimediX, DK
4:00 PolyMedix, Inc.
D. Eringis, PolyMedix, Inc., US
4:10 Cambridge Biomagnetics
T. Mitrelias, Cambridge Biomagnetics, UK
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3:30 Nanotech Ventures & Partnering: Services, Infrastucture & SoftwareRoom 204
3:30 IdeaPoint
S. Shaunessy, IdeaPoint, US
3:40 Optotrack, Inc.
C. Kung, Optotrack, Inc., US
3:50 Tewari Bio-Med Systems
G. Tewari, Tewari Bio-Med Systems, US
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3:30 Cleantech Ventures & Partnering: Energy 1Room 203
3:30 Mexel USA
M. Wolter Glass, Mexel USA, US
3:40 CellTech Power LLC
J.M. Bentley, CellTech Power LLC, US
3:50 GreenVolts, Inc.
B. Cart, GreenVolts, Inc., US
4:00 Sopogy, Inc.
D. Kimura, Sopogy, Inc., US
4:10 R&D Power Engineering Institute
Y. Protsan, R&D Power Engineering Institute, UA
4:20 Advanced Energy Products Corp.
M. Berman, Advanced Energy Products Corp., US
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3:30 Cleantech Ventures & Partnering: Materials & ApplicationsRoom 204
3:30 10x Technology
R. Pricone, 10x Technology, US
3:40 Powdermet Inc
A. Sherman, Powdermet Inc, US
3:50 ChromoGenics Sweden AB
L-O. Bäckman, ChromoGenics Sweden AB, SE
4:00 NanoDynamics
M. Modzelewski, NanoDynamics, US
4:10 PML- Innovative Particle-Monitoring Technologies
M. Teichner, PML- Innovative Particle-Monitoring Technologies, IL
4:20 TAG Technology
P. Fox, TAG Technology, US
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5:00 Cleantech: WaterRoom 210
5:00 Energy-Water Interdependencies
R. Pate, Sandia National Laboratories, US
5:30 Primawave Process: A Dynamic Method for Enhancing Environmental Groundwater Remediation
B. Davidson, Wavefront Energy and Environmental Services Inc., CA
5:50 MicroBeads Technology - A Fundamental Breakthrough for Effective Destruction of Contaminants in Water Resources
F. Shirazi, J. Brackin, Microvi Biotech LLC, US
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5:00 Cleantech Ventures & Partnering: Energy 2Room 203
5:00 Sunlight Direct
J. Morris, Sunlight Direct, US
5:10 Puget Sound Tidal Power LLC
W.B. Hamner, Puget Sound Tidal Power LLC, US
5:20 Gold Star Biodiesel Ltd.
C.V. Fishel, Gold Star Biodiesel Ltd., US
5:30 Nano Bonus
W. Gears, Nano Bonus, US
5:40 Prism Solar Technologies Inc.
R. Lewandowski, Prism Solar Technologies Inc., US
5:50 Ubiquitous Technologies
M. Perales, Ubiquitous Technologies, US
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5:00 Cleantech Ventures & Partnering: Sustainables, Efficiencies, FuelsRoom 204
5:00 DNAin Composites
Q. Yu, DNAin Composites, US
5:10 Digital Solid State Propulsion LLC
W. Sawka, Digital Solid State Propulsion LLC, US
5:20 Microstaq Inc
S. Kumar, Microstaq Inc, US
5:30 Nila Inc. Environmentally Sustainable Lighting
J. Sanfilippo, Nila Inc. Environmentally Sustainable Lighting, US
5:40 Digital Sun
D. Hitt, Digital Sun, US
5:50 Aphios Corporation
T. Castor, Aphios Corporation, US
6:00 Nobska Technologies, Inc.
P. O'Regan, Nobska Technologies, Inc., US
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5:00 Nanotech Ventures & Partnering: Advanced MaterialsRoom 209
5:00 InterCrossIP Management LLC
M.A. Fury, InterCrossIP Management LLC, US
5:10 Zikon Inc.
A. Fries, Zikon Inc., US
5:20 cambridge nanotech inc
D. Monsma, cambridge nanotech inc, US
5:30 Reinforced Polymers Inc
R. Guzauskas, Reinforced Polymers Inc, US
5:40 Ocean NanoTech, LLC
Y.A. Wang, Ocean NanoTech, LLC, US
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5:00 TechConnect Ventures & Partnering: SoftwareRoom 201
5:10 Armorpoint, Inc.
G. Shields, Armorpoint, Inc., US
5:20 Corent Technology, Inc.
F. Fatehi, Corent Technology, Inc., US
5:30 Xapio, inc.
S. Foresti, Xapio, inc., US


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