An Effective and Low Cost Platinum Electrode for Microbial Fuel Cells

H. Park, D. Perello, U. Mushtaq, I. Lee, A. Star and M. Yun
University of Pittsburgh, US


Microbial Fuel Cell, nanostructure electrodes


We will present Pt deposition on electrodes in microbial fuel cells (MFCs) using the novel technology of e-beam evaporation which enables us to achieve high process controllability, reproducibility, and film uniformity. Many researchers such as Kimís and Loganís groups had been studied MFCs with Pt coated electrode using electrochemical and physical disperse methods. We have fabricated nanostructure electrodes using e-beam evaporation and applied them to MFC operations for the first time in this study. Nanostructures possess improved structural properties and greater cost-effective surface-area, which ensures that the Pt deposited functions effectively. We compared the power density of a MFC with e-beam Pt electrodes with the density of other MFCs with Pt or mixtures of Pt and polymer. The power density was a higher than previous reported studies.

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