Production of hydrogen from methanol over high active Cu/ZnO catalysts promoted by ceria

L.C. Chung and C.T. Yeh
National Tsinghua University, TW


Production of hydrogen; Decomposition methanol; steam reforming methanol, partial oxidation methanol; oxidative steam reforming methanol; Redox ability of Copper catalyst; CuO/CeO2; CuO; CeO2 ; ZnO


A series of 24 wt.% Cu/CexZn catalysts with different ceria loadings was prepared by the deposition precipitation of Cu(NO3)2 and Ce(NO3)3 on ZnO support (S. A. = 83 m2/g). After calcinations at 400 oC, the prepared catalysts were activated by flowing H2 at 245 oC and physically characterized by techniques of ICP, XRD, and H2-TPR. Evidently, XRD results showed ceria coprecipitated on catalysts can improve their dispersion of CuO. For TPR study, the reducibility was found increased with ceria incorporation. Furthermore, the activated catalysts were systematically tested in a fixed bed reactor with DM, POM, SRM, and OSRM at a GHSV = 6.0 x 104 h-1. Following conversion trend was observed for these reactions: POM > OSRM >> DM > SRM. Howerer, CMeOH generally increased with ceria incorporation (except Cu/CeO2). Obviously, Cu-Ce interaction on catalysts Cu/CexZn promoted the methanol decomposition over CuO. Noteworthy, SCO and RH2 also varied with the promotion of ceria. In conclusion, ceria is a good promoter to Cu/Zn catalyst for decomposition of methanol. A promotion of 40% ceria displayed a highest activity at T = 200 oC. At this temperature a high CMeOH (> 88%) was attained from OSRM with a high yield of RH2 (2.4) and low CO contamination (SCO < 0.5%).

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