Policies for environmentally beneficial nanotechnologies

B. Walsh, L. Evans, T. Crichton and N. Morley
Oakdene Hollins Ltd, UK


nanotechnology, policy, barriers, UK, Government, hydrogen, photovotaics, insulation, batteries, emissions, CO2


Oakdene Hollins is currently undertaking a project to scope the potential policy instruments to enable greater deployment of environmentally beneficial nanotechnologies. Following an initial review, five nanotechnology areas were chosen for more detailed investigation: the hydrogen economy, photovoltaics, transport fuel efficiency, insulation and batteries. This study is due for completion in March 2007 and will describe the latest thinking from the UK and potential actions that the UK government may take. This paper will present a series of key governmental policy recommendations to encourage the development of nanotechnologies. These recommendations will include those specific to the development of the individual nanotechnologies studied as well as a more global issues on surrounding nanotechnology development. Specific barriers and recommendations for the nanotechnologies studied will be presented. These have the potential to reduce the UKs greenhouse gas emissions by up to 2% in the near term (less than five years) and up to 20% by 2050 with a similar saving being realised in air pollution.

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